Day Six

31 Mar

Nutmeg sure likes to hide.  Silly little guy!


Day Five

29 Mar

I like to work on Spelling first.  Nutmeg watched me and was ready to help.

Day Four

28 Mar

Do you like my mustache, Nutmeg?

Day Three

27 Mar

It was such a lazy day!

Day Two

26 Mar

Snack time is fun with Nutmeg (and Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips)…

Day One

25 Mar

Nutmeg came to visit on Friday, March 25th.

We decided to go outside and play. He couldn’t wait to go see the world outside our door.


Be patient, Nutmeg, I have to tie my sneakers.


He’s so cute!




Where’s Nutmeg?


Oh, there he is!

Nutmeg’s so silly.

He loved hiding on top of my head.



Time to ride on my bike.




Our first day together was so much fun.

I love you, Nutmeg!